Illinois NORML is the Illinois Chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML). We are a public interest, non-profit organization that aims to eliminate penalties for responsible cannabis use. We focus primarily on the state and local levels where we feel we can have the biggest impact. By focusing on the state and local level we are engaging politicians in the communities they represent and where these policies are being enforced the most. Although Federal law still applies we feel that the State and local levels are where our voice can be not only heard but also effective.

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"The Plant" a short film about Cannabis Prohibition in Illinois from Mark Bee on Vimeo.

Dan Linn, Executive Director

Dan Linn has been working as a cannabis activist and lobbyist for over ten years.  He has testified before committees at the Capitol in Springfield, been published and quoted in numerous newspapers and news broadcasts in Illinois, and is a co-author of the book The Cannabis Papers.  He has publicly debated the former head of the DEA, Peter Bensinger on television, and spoke on a panel at the 2012 American Bar Association’s conference detailing different regulatory and tax models for a legal cannabis market.  Read some of Dan’s published letters and other writing archived at the Media Awareness Project here.